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If you are the author of your life, are you writing the story you desire?

Many of us seek balance, well-being, happiness, and optimal health. Not as many of us find it…without a little help. Life Coaching, a piece of the puzzle that frequently completes the picture, is for people just like you. People who desire to own their lives and find the peace they’ve been searching for all along.

People come to Jigsaw Solutions Life Coaching for different reasons, but they all emerge with a stronger vision of what they desire from their lives, a life plan and a set of strategies and tools for embracing what they came here to experience.

Elements of Jigsaw Solutions Life Coaching include:

Creating a Life Vision: creating a map to your future

Navigating Life Transitions: creating good endings make for the best beginnings

Increasing well-being, balance and integration: developing positive habits and attitudes for optimal living

Changing beliefs: understanding internal dialogs and dynamics and choosing healthier and happier thoughts and actions

Manifesting intentionally: becoming aware and creating a relationship with self to design and choose the best life path

What clients are saying about Jigsaw Solutions Life Coaching…

“Because you believed in me, I learned to believe in myself. I am an award-winning, published author because of your coaching and because of you never giving up on my dream when I might have.”
Jesse M, author Rails to Paradise
Tacoma, WA


From the Jigsaw Solutions Coach…

I became a Certified Comprehensive Coach because throughout my history as a consultant I found myself assisting my clients–who were mainly business leaders, managers, owners and career seekers–with their personal life issues. I needed to be better equipped to help them with their personal issues that ultimately affected their professional performance.

Through my training, which required me to hire my own coach, I discovered how powerful coaching is for all aspects of life. Coaching is the single most effective method I use to help my clients, and with it I have seen people and businesses leap over obstacles and create greater success and satisfaction.

We hire all kinds of professionals to help us improve ourselves and our lives: trainers, cosmetologists, decorators, therapists, etc. A Life Coach is another powerful ally to engage to realize the fullest experience of your time here.