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How to manifest a rainbow…or anything else

For years I’ve been playing around with, experimenting in and studying manifesting. I was born understanding this, and then I forgot. Or the world told me I was crazy. Get in line. Work hard for what I wanted, rather than get in the flow and manifest what I desired. My life looks like a bell curve of pushing against the natural law of attraction. I am happy to report I am back—mostly—in resonance and the most recent evidence is a beautiful rainbow.

I arrived at the exquisitely powerful Snoqualmie Falls on a cloudy February aftesnoq2 (2)rnoon. Weekends are crowded with a diversity of visitors and languages that always invigorate me as much as the roar and spray of the falls. Spring beginning to squeeze itself out of buds along the trails denied the calendar.

Everyone maneuvered politely for time along the rails for pictures and selfies with the inspiring, majestic backdrop. Within the first hours of arriving in Washington, I intuitively found my way to these falls and my spirit guides me back here when I need reviving and inspiration, as I did on this day. “A rainbow,” I whispered, as I leaned over the rail. “Today, I need a rainbow.”

The sun was hidden behind pregnant clouds that threatened more than the slight mist that slicked the walks. Yet, suddenly, I was expecting a rainbow. I knew the sun was just above the ridge, and if the clouds parted conditions would be perfect for a display that would delight all of these visitors–and me.snoq1 (2)

Expectation: I began to expect the rainbow. In the same way that I expected tomorrow would be Monday, only with enthusiasm. INTENSE enthusiasm. Childlike enthusiasm. The kind of enthusiasm that never considers any other possibility. That’s what really not being attached to the outcome means. It is not considering an outcome.

Appreciation: I began to say “Thank You” for the rainbow. (spoiler alert) Before. It. Appeared. I increased the true, deep feelings of appreciation as if I had already witnessed the rainbow inside me. I filled up with them. The most amazing thing happened as I did this, I began to see colors in the clouds. Like coming attractions or hints that the creation was happening. The more I literally said, “Thank You!” the more colors appeared to me. I was smiling like a crazy person. People were looking at me. I didn’t mind because I knew that in a few minutes they’d be in for a treat, and we’d share it.

Visualization: Even though it as cloudy, I began to visualize the scene as if the perfect conditions existed for a rainbow. The clouds would open up, there would be the perfect amount of water vapor in the air, refraction would happen and the rainbow would appear…there! I turned to that place and just watched and smiled. I saw the rainbow and I saw people turning to watch it too. I saw their joy at the little miracle that they could share with their loved ones.

Repeat. As a continuous, and simultaneous loop. The more I could make myself visualize the reality, the greater my appreciation and the more heightened my expectation. I also realized that, even if the rainbow never appeared, I had already had the experience of a rainbow—energetically. Even visually I had seen colors in the clouds and felt feelings of happiness and gratitude and oneness with nature.

Manifest: Behold (we don’t use thsno4at word enough), the rainbow appeared! It was one of the most vibrant I have ever seen. Eventually it became a twin rainbow and even for a brief time a triple—something I have never witnessed before. It stayed until the sun dipped behind the hill, with “thank yous” on my lips the whole time. The power of “Thank You” is the acknowledgement that you have literally received, which may be a subtle but significant difference between gratitude and appreciation.

PS…And Everything Else: Was this only a coincidence? I don’t believe that for a second. Your beliefs are up to you. What I can tell you is that I decided to immediately apply the above steps and feelings to some situations in my business that have been stuck for a bit. Coaching can be a long sales cycle. In my email in box on Monday morning was a confirmation from two clients for year long programs. There is treasure at the end of all of our rainbows for sure.

May the promise of rainbows ever be yours.

Peace by Piece,   ~~  Lisa Markmansno3

You Have a Vision Inside You.

It’s waiting for you. It isn’t out there somewhere, an ethereal destination to reach. It is part of who you are and who you came here to be. Every puzzle begins as a complete picture. You never doubt that all the pieces are in that sealed puzzle box. You have everything inside that you need to realize your vision-completely. When you begin a puzzle, you have different strategies to complete it, and you start and stop as the picture becomes more recognizable in front of you. It’s the same with your life, your career, your business. Let Jigsaw Solutions help you bring your vision out in all its unique brilliance. Then, let’s build it together with solutions that fit. Peace by Piece.