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Jigsaw Solutions is a coaching and consulting practice devoted to the mission of helping people and businesses create and achieve powerful visions that lead to success in their business, career and life. Services are offered to businesses, non-profits and individuals onsite in the Puget Sound Region or virtually anywhere in the world.

When you engage a coach and consultant you benefit from their experience, philosophy and approach to problem solving. Jigsaw Solutions’ philosophy is grounded in the idea that having a clear vision is the greatest indicator for success. Inside your business, your career, and your life is a complete vision for success. Just like in a new jigsaw puzzle box, all of the pieces to complete that picture are within you. Jigsaw Solutions will show you, with customized coaching and consulting, how to fit all of the pieces together – perfectly.

Jigsaw Solutions’ founder and certified coach, Lisa Markman, consults with hundreds of companies, nonprofits, and individuals– helping to bring visions to reality in over 30 states and countries.


Jigsaw Solutions was founded in 1996 as a resource to provide a selection of high quality outsourced talent to startups and small to medium-size businesses. In its early days, Jigsaw focused primarily on business development; consulting with owners to create sales and a marketing system and support tools to build brand identity and customer base. In 2001, Jigsaw expanded to include career design and management for mid to executive level professionals in all industries. In 2005, Jigsaw opened consulting services to the nonprofit arena.

Jigsaw added Solutions to its name after the development and adoption of the Jigsaw Solutions Method. This method is a holistic way of approaching a business, career or life vision. It is not so much a step-by-step method, but a set of tools and perspectives that assist in uncovering solutions and inspirations to achieve goals and desired successes.

A solutions-based consulting approach has been the cornerstone of Jigsaw services from the beginning. While coaching was an organic component of Jigsaw Solutions’ offerings, a coaching model was formally adopted in 2006, and remains the leading modality for assisting clients in achieving their visions.

Lisa Markman

“Envision your best future — your successful business, career and life. Seek solutions to fit your vision. Peace by Piece.”

Lisa Markman is an energetic leader, coach, facilitator and consultant experienced in business, non-profit and professional development. She is effective in assessing the needs of people and organizations, helping them to create clear visions and plans, and coaching toward desired targets. Her ability to facilitate processes with diverse groups of stakeholders to support them in developing strategically focused visions leads to consistent and significant outcomes.

As a Certified Comprehensive and Certified High Performance Coach, Lisa uses successful coaching methodology with proven and emerging best-practice business and non-profit consulting to assist clients in reaching their goals. Complementary studies in design, marketing and business administration at Otis College of Design, Cal State Northridge and UW Madison culminated in an MBA from Madison University, adding fresh perspective to senior level skills and proven talents.