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If you aren’t designing your career, who is?

Chances are you’ve spent more time designing your living room than you have designing your career. Yet you will spend more of your life in your workplace than you will spend in your living room.

Who is choosing the vision, the direction, the quality and the compensation for the time you spend at work? The economy and tough job market are not reasons to compromise your dreams. It’s time to take control of your career and be intentional about your path. It’s time to get clear, get to know your Self as a professional, and launch into the market with the support of a Career Design expert.

Career Design is a Jigsaw Solutions proprietary process that guides you in investigating your professional strengths, developing a professional vision and plan, and positioning you in the marketplace for optimal promotion and success.

Your investment in Career Design and coaching will pay off in shortened times to your next offer, a strengthened platform for negotiation, and personal criteria for choosing the positions and timelines that fit you best.

Components of Jigsaw Solution’s Career Design process include:

  • Creating a Career Vision
  • Developing a unique professional persona or brand
  • Designing a long term career path
  • Conducting a professional inventory leading to a resume suite targeting desired industries and positions
  • Repositioning in the market
  • Providing short and long term critical job search tools, skills and techniques
  • Coaching on search strategy and planning
  • Negotiating the online and social media search
  • Coaching on interview, follow-up and salary negotiations

Jigsaw Solutions Career Design creates individual plans for every type of professional, including the unique needs of transitioning managers and executives, those re-entering the workforce, considering pre-retirement and new college grads.

What clients are saying about Jigsaw Solutions Career Design…

“The resume and coaching from Jigsaw has a sniper effect. Whatever I aim at in my career, I’ve hit using it.”
Scott B., Project Manager
Denver, CO

“You’ve helped me escape the cubicle and realize my dream of using my love of history and my degree to become a museum curator. It’s been quite a path, and you believed in me all the way.”
J. Clark M., Executive Director/Curator
LaConner, WA

“I didn’t think I could find a new career where I could use my sales background to do something that spoke to my heart. Now I am calling the shots in my work, helping people every day and exceeding sales quotas. This is the work I am meant to do.”
Tara T., Assisted Living Consultant
Olympia, WA


From the Career Design Coach:

I became a career coach after hiring a career management firm when I struggled professionally after a series of relocations. When my coach asked me what I wanted to do, I quickly responded, “I want to do what you do.” She promptly hired me. For the next year I managed the Lexington office of the largest privately held career management firm in the US, and experienced first-hand the benefits of intentionally designing and managing your career.

I’ve used that experience and my background in branding and business development to create a comprehensive approach to designing and managing your career for optimal success and reward. The greatest benefit of my Career Design method is that you will come away with remarkable confidence in yourself as a professional. You owe it to yourself to take charge of your own career. You will thank yourself—just like I did.