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Success is built on choices. It’s your business and your choice. The shortest distance between you and success is choosing Jigsaw Solutions.

Jigsaw Solutions offers consulting and coaching services to entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers, small to medium sized businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Services for your business:
› Identity Design & Startups
› Organizational & Business Development
› Strategic Planning
› Transitions
› Nonprofits

Identity Design. Offering intentional, integrated identity design—the creation, rejuvenation or repositioning of your brand.

Start Up & Launches. Promoting powerful business starts and product and services launches—brick and mortar or on the web.

Organizational Development. Building culture, collaboration and connection within the organization. Creating Vision, Mission and Values.

Business Development. Offering and serving your clients with authentic business connection. Creating strategies, tools, measures and evaluation.

Strategic Planning. Designing a planning process development unique to each client that ensures a nimble plan to reach the desired vision. Coaching through the planning process. Facilitating meetings and retreats. Completing and implementing the plan.

Transitions. Coaching through Change. Planning for leadership transition. Checking Organizational mission drifts and facilitating intentional mission shifts. Maximizing and easing sales and inheritance transitions.

Non-Profit. Jigsaw Solutions offers comprehensive board governance and best practice non-profit business coaching and consulting, including meeting facilitation, custom retreats, trainings and workshops. Board Chair & CEO relationship and leadership coaching provides increased effectiveness for the entire organization. All aspects of business offerings are available and customized to the non-profit, board of directors and chief executives.

What clients are saying about choosing Jigsaw Solutions…

“I would recommend Lisa Markman to any business or nonprofit organization that is looking to increase capacity, fulfill their mission and grow to realize previously unmet potential.”
Colleen S., Executive Director
Lake Bay, WA

“Lisa has a rare ability to take the thoughts and needs of her clients and translate them into an effective marketing form. I highly recommend Lisa Markman to any professional who wishes to increase their business volume.”
Paul F., Attorney at Law
Evergreen, CO

“I spoke to Lisa almost daily as we started our organization, and she listened and provided advice that proved invaluable. Lisa, I and the board agreed to the need for a strategic plan and she consulted the entire way through the project. The plan has held up and I use it as a model for other boards I am on.”
Ben S., Former Executive Director and current City Councilman
Spokane, WA

“The ability to work as a team member is one of Lisa’s many invaluable assets. She brings a diverse skill set to her work and her background is especially helpful in dealing with diverse audiences, meeting objectives and delivering high level service.”
Kim M., Executive Director,
Friends of the Children
Seattle, WA

“Lisa was able to customize our message to speak to the audience we were going after, as well as help us present materials in a pleasing and professional manner. She worked with our corporate staff in the UK to put together pieces that were effective in creating awareness about our company in the US.”
Ken R., Vice President,
Domnick Hunter
Charlotte, NC

“Lisa is strategic, thoughtful and always has good insights into human dynamics and organizational management. She is calm, patient and committed. Her business background givers her strong perspective on measuring outcomes.”
Doug D., Vice President Business Development, Wells Fargo
Spokane, WA