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While we may think we understand consulting more than coaching, the truth is the definition of consulting is based on our personal experience much the same as it is with coaching.

At its best, consulting is the act of bringing expertise and experience into a situation, assessing and then advising on appropriate courses of action to achieve a desired result. Too frequently consulting is a set of opinions given by an expert to an organization to be carried out – or not – without a clear vision for either process or outcomes.

Jigsaw Solutions Consulting first seeks to understand your vision or to help you create one. Our process seeks solutions and strategies that will ultimately lead you to the realization of this vision. We begin with the end in mind, agree to help you get there, and work with you to map out the appropriate path. Through the consulting process you and your organization may discover you are closer to your destination than you think. You can be assured that Jigsaw Solutions will be with you as a trusted team member every step of the way.