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If you asked 100 people to describe coaching, you would get 100 different answers. While that might seem like a dilemma at first glance, it is in some ways the beauty and essence of coaching.

Coaching, by its nature, is an individualized support mechanism to help a person or an entity achieve greater success than they might have on their own. In many instances, this greater achievement translates both to significantly increased financial rewards, and outcomes that are not so easily measured. These outcomes may be even more valuable, such as the personal satisfaction of realizing a dream.

The reason satisfaction is so great using coaching methods is that the client understands they have achieved through their own efforts and not through that of the coach. A good analogy to describe the coaching relationship is to picture your process as digging a tunnel to a cave that is filled with your greatest desire. It’s up to you to do the digging, choose the pace and the course, but is it is up to the coach to hold the light for you so that you can always see your way.Coaching works for people. It works one-on-one for life and career coaching. It also works for businesses, nonprofits and in groups. It works because, when you engage a Jigsaw Solutions Coach, you will first work together to create your compelling vision. Then it is your coach’s job to hold that vision—just like the light in the tunnel—throughout your journey.

Your Jigsaw Solutions Coach will always have your vision and your best interest in mind and in heart. She will hold that vision up, keep that vision safe, and never let you forget why you are pursuing this dream.

A coach is your personal business, career or life advocate who focuses only on the goals you have created. Your coach is invested in your success as you define it, and unlike family, friends and other support systems, has no other agenda in mind but yours. Imagine this type of support helping you put the pieces of your vision together.

As a Jigsaw Solutions Coach, I pledge to:

See you as being exactly where you are supposed to be at the present moment.

See you as already accomplishing your goals, achieving your vision, and completing your destiny.

Hold space for your vision, especially when it is difficult for you to do so, and help you to achieve the realization of your vision.

Help you to create resonance with your vision and relationship with your goals in order for you to bring these in to your reality.

Help guide you towards your vision using the Jigsaw Solutions Method and other relevant tools to assist you in achieving your goals.

Be the light when your path needs illumination, the strength when you are feeling weary, the encouragement when you are feeling alone, and a constant that you can rely on to help you find the solutions that fit to ultimately help you achieve your vision.